Am i the only one who loves looking at clouds, I don't know it's like you'll never get bored because of the different shapes each time or different color it's like telling different stories, like there's a girl and a boy live in there they're madly in love.

When the clouds are white they're happy and enjoying life together

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when it's orange-red that means they're mad and angry the thunder you hear is the argument and fights.

sky, clouds, and red image

when it's pink that means they're hugging or kissing because pink is all about love.

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when it's grey & black it looks like things not going so well and they're sad, that's why it start raining because they're crying

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if they work things out after that you'll see rainbow.

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But sometimes they're not around when you look up in the sky it's just a blue clear sky , that's how you know they're not together anymore.

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so i wanna know, am i the only one???