Hi loves! I aim to write you about something really important to me: not eating animals; vegetarianism and veganism. I don't want to tell you what's wrong and what's right - that's for you to decide. But I want to tell you facts and information. I do not want to preach or be hypocrite, I just want to spread love and peace, and make the world a better place! ☮
Let's start with the basics:

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What's the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?

A vegetarian does not eat any meat including fish. But a vegan doesn't eat anything that comes from an animal; eggs, honey, milk, etc. A vegan also buys make up that hasn't been tested by animals and chooses their clothes thinking about animals.

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This is what I'm aiming to do here! <3

Why be a vegan/vegetarian?

There are three main reasons and they are quite big. Before I tell about those I'd like to say a few words about my plant-based eating, briefly. It all started when I started to have problems with my stomach and I thought that it could have been the following of eating greasy meat. So I decided to stop eating red meat. First this was all because of my health, but my biggest reason for not eating animals is animal rights. I didn't think that I would become a vegetarian but later I realised that there is no reason for me to eat chicken anymore if I don't eat pork neither. I realised it actually while browsing through Weheartit;

"For you it's just one meal, but for the animal it's their entire life."

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But let's get to the main points now!

1. Environment 🌏

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As you can see from the picture above, meat production wastes A LOT of nature. Raising the animals and feeding them is a big burden for the environment. We all know (expect for Trump maybe) that climate change is REAL and it's happening all the time. We can prevent it by not eating meat.
A vegan meal wastes a lot less water than a burger for example. The difference is manifold.

We have to stop wasting the environment because THE NATURE is the most powerful power on earth. Just look at the hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis; what is there left to do when one of those strikes? A human is powerless. We've got to respect the nature.

I think that vegetarianism is an easy way to help the globe to last longer.

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2. Health

"Where do you get your protein from?" Well, from a lot of things! There are so many different products for vegans especially nowadays; beans, soy, etc. Many people think that meat is healthy - it isn't. It's the main reason for overweight in the western world. Of course you need to take care that you get all of the vitamins you need (B12, for example). But berries and fruits are filled with vitamins, so you'll get quite far by eating them too. Plant-based diet has a lot less calories and fat than animal-based diet!

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3. Animal rights 🐮💖

This is the most important one for me. Animals are our friends, therefore we should not kill them! And the most horrible part is that the animals live a horrible life because of us. They don't have enough space and they can't live like they're supposed to. They are separated from their family members, even though for ex. calves should be able to drink their momma cow's milk. Shortly their life is torture, not worth living. Little cockerels are born just to get killed. Animals are not stupid - they feel fear and PAIN. I do not want a dead animal on my plate, it just doesn't feel right. Think about it: is the meal really that good that it's worth killing an animal? Do you really need it that much? It's scary that people don't care about killing living innocent animals. We love dogs and they are our best friends. They love being close to you and misses you when you're away. Pigs are the same.

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I want to speak for animals: for those who have no voice!

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Is it hard?

Yes. But not because I couldn't stay away from meat. Because of other people. Some people get mad and some question it. I don't want to give a lesson about veganism on a dinner table when the companion is eating meat. I hate it when people question my diet, I don't ask you why you're eating meat so don't question my diet neither! Sometimes I feel rude when I'm saying: No, I won't eat this because I'm a vegetarian. I have felt bad so many times, but I think that the problem is not in me, it's in our society. And btw; not eating meat is the easiest (and the best) thing I've ever done.

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Where to start?

Start on the little things. Order a vegan burger in a restaurant. Taste almond milk. Try avocado toasts. Try to be a vegetarian for a day. Try it for a week. Try it for a month. Buy lots of fruits. Drink colourful smoothies. Eat peanuts for snack. Make cute smoothie bowls. Go to vegan cafes. Search for inspiration from the internet; insta, whi. Veganism is fun, trying new things, searching for your favourite fruits and smoothie ingredients. Don't take it too seriously at least not in the beginning.

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For me veganism is going to bed every night with a good conscience; I know what I ate today and no animal suffered because of me.

This was a short story of veganism and I really hope that at least it made you think of what you eat. If you have any questions or disagree with something I'd be happy to answer. And please like this article if you liked it so I'll continue with textes like this!

Let's keep hearting and eating well. <3

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+ Inspiration! 😍

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