Hi everyone and welcome to my second article.

So, I saw this theme in many other articles and I just love travelling so I'll show you my dream destinations.

I just want to precise I went to some of these cities and that's why I'm showing them to you (cuz I liked them).

London - Great Britain

I went to this city last year and I think I'll never forget this.It's a beautiful city and people are so sweet !

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Paris - France

I live in France so I went there a few times and always enjoyed it the same way!

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Bejaia - Algeria

Going to another territory, let's see Africa ; more precisely, Algeria, in North Africa. I love this country because of the weather that is really hot and the people that are very friendly. That's where I went during this ummer.

Algeria and nature image Algeria, beach, and black image

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Now heading to the places I did'nt visit but I'd love to.
One of my dream destinations is Dubai. I would just love to visit the city because of all of the luxury and the beauty of the country.

couple, Dubai, and goals image beach, palms, and view image

Cologne - Germany

Just hearing the name of this city is making me want to visit it!

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Amsterdam - Netherlands

Just love the city for all of its culture like the Van Gogh museum.

amsterdam, awesome, and beauty image autumn, fall, and amsterdam image

Havana - Cuba

Latina America has always been a dream for me!

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Monaco - France

Last but not least, Monaco. Same as Dubai, I'd love to visit Monaco for the luxury and I'm a big fan of supercars so it's an occasion!

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thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed this article, I tried to variate the places so, hope you liked it!