First of all I want you to aware that my native idiom is not english, so please apologize my mistakes. Yes, I am horrible with grammar, aren't I?

(Speaking about native you should hear a song called like that. I don't like motivational messages and I don't recognize what is this but to do the article a little bit happier and less staid (excuse me) I am giving you a recomendation. I love that song "Native" by KYKO, and also the music video is very cool. Sorry if you don't like it I guess I'm a little weird hahaha).


Well, as you have probably heard Mexico suffered a big earthquake the last september 19, that was exacly 32 year after another one in the same way. Both of them were near 8 grades (more or less).
This time almost 300 people died and there are people dissapeard yet.
Maybe you hates Mexico and their people or maybe you don't care about it and you think that mexicans lives in a ranch using hats, being transported by donkeys and eating only tortillas and nopales.
Of course that is not like that, Mexico is a city at the same as a lot of countries, with so much buildings and beutiful places, but, sadly, some of that buildings fell apart rapting babies, children, teenager, adults and olds.
Despite anything you think about mexico I can say I am proud about being mexican because when bad situations happend like earthquakes all the mexicans show their solidarity, care and love about others.
It feels so good to see people helping in the way they can:

  • Removing debris.
  • Preparing lunch and giving water for volunteers.
  • Donating suplements.
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..."With each son he gave you a soldier". (mexican national anthem).

It was so hard to hear "there was an earthquake near the Mexico capital" even if you are from Mexico but you don't live there you feel the fear and the impotency, you need to help your people, you need to give them a hug, you need to know how are they.
The tears want to come out every time I hear news , hundreds of persons losted as their house, as a one or more loved human beings.

A lot of foreign people and even entire countries gave their condolences and their support, some of them also sended rescue brigades or organized help campaigns.
I want to thank all the peolple who worried about us.
I feel so happy about the fact that great people around the world support each other in any disaster.
Mexico is debastate because 2 of the big earthquakes in a long long time, twice in the same month; adding a few earthquakes lower and all the replicas.

I don't know what other countries do against this situations but the things I see here made me believe that the world can change, some people take advantage for the problems to stole or to get some kind of fame but the good people are more, I'm totally sure.

Mexico is full of humor and usually the memes appeard instantly but this time the respect was present, Mexico is on mourning. We are going to move on.
September not only will be remembered with enthusiasm and cheer about its Independience it will aslo be remembered with sadness and the world will be always in my heart.

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I give you too all my condolencies and compassion if you are one of the affected by natural disasters even if you are from Puerto Rico, Japan, Cuba or from the United States (mainly). Hurricanes, floods and earthquakes has been our enemies in the last days, that is why we need to stay strong and be united.

Again, thanks for all the support you give, you don't now how reconfortant is read the messages and hear what others over all the world do for our contry.

Until now, as I grasp, these are the aproximate numbers:

  • 2 weeks.
  • 3 earthquakes (between 6 and 8.5 grades).
  • 1,060 replicas (some of them as big as their pricipal earthquake).
  • 1'250,000 victims.
  • 50,000 damaged houses (uninhabitables).
  • 50 collapsed buildings.
  • 400 dead.
  • 30 disappeared.
  • Hundreds of people from everywhere helping.
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Your help can make a difference, it will be sincerly appreciated.

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