Do you remember the day you first met?

Don't worry, it's okay if you don't. I don't either. It was 2 years ago, it was the first day of school and you really didn't think about him once that day. In fact, you probably didn't about more than once for that whole year.

Do you remember your friend confessed?

One of your friends (let's call her B ) has been keeping a secret for a while now: She liked someone from your classroom, and you needed to know who he was (because she was your friend, and after all "Friends tell each other the truth). After a whole week of begging, she finally confessed: It was him. Now, i need you to remember the fact that, at that time, you just thought of him as: "The boy who has been in the same classroom as me for 2 years and he's so popular but so smart at the same time it was actually confusing", so the fact that your friend liked him didn't mean anything to you.

It was clearly obvious why she liked him: they were not a lot of guys in your generation that were ACTUALLY good looking or decent, and he was cute, and smart and funny.

I don't know if you know this, but she's still pissed off about what happened. Even after all this time.

Do you remember the time you and him became friends?

Your friend was totally falling in love with him, and although it was obvious, she didn't notice the fact that her pressence anoyed him. He didn't like her, but he still tried to be nice around her. But she became more and more obssesed, so she spent every single time she was free of schoolwork talking to him. Since it was one of the few friends you had in your classroom, you were with her constantly, which meant being around him aas well.

Yeah, you guys had known each other for a year by then , and you were civil around each other, but you weren't really friends. You always considered him a classmate, and he did too.

You were around him so much that you actually became friends. It was nice while it lasted; the friendship was good, he was respectful and nice. It was ok.

That is, of course, until you started tutoring.

Do you remember the time you hated him?

As i remember it, i can't believe you actually hated him. Considering how you feel about him now, it almost seems impossible. But you did. And deeply.

Your teacher had assigned you a very important job, which was tutoring kids who were too stubborn to work on their own. Here's the trick: Besides tutoring, you were supposed to help them complete their assignments after you finished yours, and if they were behaving really bad, you had a signed permission to slap them. You barely ever did it, but it was so entertaining to see their faces when you did it (you were small, bookish, and quiet. It was obvious why they were surprised)

One of the guys you were tutoring was actually his best friend, so he was ALWAYS around when you were trying to keep your student focused on the work. It was really frustating, and he knew it, that's why he was around so often. You even slapped him once (and god, it felt awesome).

You hated him so much that's actually quite funny, since now everytime you see him, your face burns and your heart hurts. If you only knew.

Do you remember the time you guys started talking?

We both remember that day, because you would look back at it and wish you could tell your past self not to do it.Not to text him.

But you did.

Your teacher just sent you an email with some exercises about a math competion you and him were participating in. Since it was spring break, you decided to text him asking him if he had seeing the email. It was easy finding his number, since you were both on a classroom's group chat.

Even if you don't like to admit it, you were nervous. You didn't know why though, since you literally had known each other for 2 years and you talked all the time, but you were.

You finally texted him, and it didn't take long for him to answer you back. Next thing you knew, you had been talking about math for about 15 minutes. He said he needed to go to bed, said bye and disconected.

You really didn't cared too much about that conversation. You even deleted it, since you thought you would never need to back to look at it. Now, you regret it.

Do you remember the time he told you looked like Emma Watson?

You still want to cry everytime you think about it. It was so beautiful you even took a screenshot about it and sent it to your friends. The first of many, MANY screenshots.
(To read about it, please look up "Because of Emma" on my profile)

Do you remember the time you finally admitted it?

You liked him. You freaking liked him and you couldn't even deny it anymore. You had been talking with him for almost the entire technology class, and when you finally came back to your seat next to your best friend, you sat down, put your hands
on the table, breathed in and said:

"Maybe i do like him. Just a little bit"

Your friend instantly hugged you, a big smile on her face.
You were happy, too, but you were scared. Although you would never say it out loud, he actually was the first boy you ever (seriously) liked. And that scared you. It still scares you.

Do you remember the time he told you you were friends?

No matter how much you guys talked, there was always that feeling in your stomatch that made you feel sick.

Did he cared?

According to B, He and her were friends, but if you asked him, he would say that he tought she was a stalker (and she kinda was, but no one wanted to tell her that). You thought you and him were friends,
but what would he think? It was impossible for him to lie to you, since (even when they were texting) you could inmediately tell when he was lying (he was not much of a good liar, anyways)

So you decided to ask.

"Are we friends?"

And you waited, and waited.

And your phone rang.1,2,3,4 times. And you and i both know that your heart stopped with every rang.

You considered one of your biggest flaws was getting stressed pretty easily. And when you get stressed, or nervous, you really, really like eating.

So when the guy you really liked answered the question that would probably change the future of your relationship, yeah you were nervous.

You went downstairs, phone in hand, and started filling your mouth with marshmallows while you paced around the table, where your phone now was. You even started eating your nails. It probably
took you about 5 minutes before you finally turned on your phone.

"I'll always be there when you need me"
"Cause that's what friends do"

You just stood there shocked for about a minute. Then you started screaming and laughing and jumping all around your kitchen: you seemed mad, but you didn't care. God, that grin wouldn't fade away until the day after.

Do you remember the time he gave you a rose?

Okay, it wasn't technically a rose. Your school made girls use a ribbon every time
you put a foot on the school, but there was a teacher who didn't gave a fuck if you wore a ribbon or not, i know you hated that ribbon since you just cut your hair (it was almost shoulder length now) and the stupid ribbon looked ridiculous on your head, so you took it off while you were writing. He suddenly took the seat in front of you (since the guy who usually sat there was sick), took your ribbon and started to fold it in different directions. You tried to take the ribbon from him, but he just slapped your hand and continued to fold it. You just gave up after a while; you knew he was really stubborn when he wanted to be.

After a couple of minutes, he gave you back the ribbon, folded in a way that looked like a rose. He just smiled at you and left. Your heart started beating faster and your breath caught in your troat.You smiled, but on the insides you felt like crying; it felt wonderful. You used a rubber band to keep the rose in place (at least until you could show it to your friends before the class ended) and you went over to his seat and thanked him, since the rose was beautiful.

And it really was.

Do you remember the time he passed?

You and him, among other students, were chosen to participate on a math competition; the ones who had the higgest scores would go to sectionals, and then regionals, and so on.

He passed. You didn't.

You remember the moment you found out so clearly. You were about to go to sleep (it was 4 pm, but it was a really stressful day and you only had slept for 5 hours) and you suddenly heard your phone ringing in the distance. You were used of him texting you at random times, so you stood up quickly and ran to your phone.

"I passed!"

You felt so proud of him, you didn't even realized the email that was supposed to be sent to the students that passed wasn't on your inbox. You knew what that meant. But god, he was the smartest person you have ever met and you just knew he could do it if he commited to it,

"I don't know why you sound so surprised. I knew you could"

And you really, really meant it.

"Aw, that's so sweet. You could have passed too. The stress sometimes gets into your head and you don't focus that much. But you're really, really smart"

You seriously didn't know how to respond, so just sent a heart emoji (your personal signature - you drew hearts on every single one of your friends' notebooks)

He made you feel smart, and important to him, that you started to like him even more.

If that was even possible.

(End of Part 1)