Hello, my lovely followers and anyone else who may have stumbled upon this post! Today, I have created part one of a list of tips and tricks that I have learned over my years on We Heart It for a successful We Heart It account.

First of all, I think we need to define success. Success, both on We Heart It and in life, can and will be defined differently for everyone. It may include a sense of satisfaction or a personal goal achieved. For me, success on WHI is posting images that either relate to or inspire me, creating collections that bring me joy, and, ultimately, inspire others. Mostly, a large follower count is just a bonus. But, it does mean I have the opportunity to inspire more people. That’s why I do try to reach more followers. Success for you may be defined more heavily on the number of followers you have. That’s okay too! I encourage you to take these tips and tricks and simply find what works for you. Alright, enough rambling.

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  • Tip #1 Post Original Posts

Original here meaning you selected the image and personally posted it on We Heart It (not necessarily a photo you took) rather than simply re-hearting. This will help lead others to your page. The more people heart that image, the more people will see it from others and can trace it back to you. If you need inspiration for things to post, try Instagram or Pinterest! Pinterest is my go-to for *“original” content. If you know where an image or idea came from, be sure to give credit where credit is due.

  • Tip #2 Keep Posting

If you fall off the map, it will be hard to get noticed by other heartists. To further elaborate for inspiration on Tip #1, some popular inspirations to look up would be:

Current Season
shoes, fashion, and fall image book, coffee, and happy image pink image girl, tattoo, and hair image

One thing to do would be to figure out which collection you haven’t posted anything in for a while and try to find a post for it. However, if posting is wearing you out, it’s also okay to take breaks! You don’t have to feel consumed. It should be fun not work.

  • Tip #3 Tags

Adding tags to your posts is a quick and easy way to help it get noticed. Make sure the tags are relevant to the post. However, I think it is better to over-tag than to under tag.

For example:

autumn, coffee, and fall image
Autumn, Please Be Good This Year🍁

Tags: September, aesthetic, autumn, coffee, fall, good, hot chocolate, leaves, October, pumpkins, season, small, tiny, vibe, white

  • Tip #4 Space Your Posts Wisely
One good post is worth more than twenty so-so posts.

I’ve heard that sometimes, people can tend to get annoyed with a flood of posts on their home feed. Being selective can be in your favor. However, if you like the posts and want to post them, go for it! Binge! Remember, We Heart It is still about you.

  • Tip #5 Re-Heart From Others

As well as posting *“original” content, re-hearting can have its benefits too. If you click the heart button on a post that already has over 20,000 hearts, chances are people will be more attracted to your page. It doesn’t matter that the post isn’t originally from you. People will want to see what else you heart and that will lead them to your page.

  • Tip #6 Write Articles

Writing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, as someone who is an avid writer (can you tell from this article) I immensely enjoy and benefit from writing articles. For example, tagging some of your collections into your article is an easy way for other heartists to view more of your content. Don’t forget to tag that article same as a post to make it easy to find. Need inspiration?

Short Stories
Seasonal - Fall/Autumn
Makeup Looks

These are a few trendy article topics you may see today.

  • Tip #7 Create Collections

Collections are a great way to let heartists see your content! It also gives them the option to follow only certain collections. This is wonderful when you want to follow their prom dress collection without following their music collection or vice versa. Sometimes you won’t be interested in absolutely everything that one person has to offer post-wise. That’s okay! If someone follows only one collection, you still receive one follower in return. If someone follows 38/40 of your collections you still only get one follower in return. Think of it as they just aren’t following some collections rather than following multiple collections equals multiple followers.

=Hope some of these tips helped! I will be writing my next segment of tips and tricks very soon! ( I'm thinking Wednesday) Keep a watch out for it in my Free To Write Collection. And, keep a look out for my advice on writing articles coming soon.

I would like to give a huge shoutout to those who have followed me, inspired me, and went on the journey with me in my #WhiChallenge! I love reading the feedback from the challenge and from everyone who has reached out to me to personally tell me that I inspire them. It makes my day each time.


**“original” - Just want to say again that original does not mean pictures taken by myself.

**success - Success does not necessarily mean a thriving account with thousands of followers. I do not mean in any way to make anyone feel like their account is not good enough. Everyone's account is personal to them. I simply thought I would share some advice. Thanks for understanding.