Hi guys ☺

how are you? Hope you're all fine ♥

Tomorrow it's going to be my first day of uni and it is kind of weird because I know school / college / uni began more than a month ago in many countries ☻ In Italy Summer break, in fact, is usually longer than in most other countries and exams time usually stretches until 15th July in many universities.

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Tomorrow I'm taking up a master in "Modern and post-colonial listeratures" at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.
I'm really excited because so many new things are going to happen: new courses, new uni, new friends so I thought it might be a good idea to share with you guys what's in my bag and some tips and tricks for a fresher start.

1) Technology in general (phone, ipad, laptop and their chargers) and a planner

Any of these devices is very useful to keep up with your schedule, check your timetable and keep in contact with friends or professors. I check my email every day before I go to class because there might have been changes in my day and I do not want to miss them. In class I personally do not take notes on my laptop (because I get easily distracted) but that is also a possibility!

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2) Notebooks, exercise books, books

Make sure to bring your book to every class ♦ In this way you can pay more attention to what the teacher is saying, do exercises in class and take notes. Having separate notebooks for each subject would be preferable in order to keep notes cleaner and tidier.

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3) Pencilcase with all your materials (pens, pencils, eraser, highliters) + post-it notes. I find them so useful to take notes and things to remember

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4) Water, lunch and a snack

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5) Tissues, hand sanitizer, medicines, vitamins, wet wipes and pads - you might always need one of these "essentials"! I always bring with these things wherever I go.

6) Make up bag - my uni one is very minimal. I just bring mascara, a lip balm and a hand cream, for chillier days.

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7) Chewing gum or mints - to keep your breath fresh.

8) Deodorant - in a travel size, perfect if you have very long school days - and a little brush or comb to feel more put together.

9) Elastic and bobby pins - who else puts their hair in a tail or a bun when they need to be concentrated? Totally me 😁

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Hope you guys found this article somehow useful ♥

If you guys think I have forgotten something feel free to send me a postcard 😀 your tips are always soooo useful!

Wish you a good week!
Good luck for all the people who still have to go back to uni and also to the ones who already have exams and classes xx