Quotes are a thing many of us like. Somehow they can put our feelings into words when we fail to describe them. Now and then I wonder if there are really so many people out there that - as strange as it sounds because we're all individual, aren't we? - feel the same as me. Seems like the answer is YES, because here are some quotes that exactly describe exchange for me.

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That's simply the way life is. I think this quote links perfectly to the next one. You have to get up and do something to get what you want. Even if the path you're going doesn't seem very clear while you're Walking it.

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That's my goal. One day I want to be able to say this and be proud of my self and what I have done. And I think this should be a goal of everybody! Because for me it represents being proud of yourself.

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This is something I realise from day to day more. Saying goodbye to my best friends since diaper days wasn't a nice thing. But with every day I'm away I understand that I'm not really away. It feels just like they're sitting at home and I'm sitting at home, not like being miles apart.

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