1. Your favorite character?
- Mike Wazowski

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2. Your favorite princess?
- Belle

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3. Favourite heroine?
- Merida

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4. Favourite prince?
- Eugene Fitzherbert

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5. Favourite hero?
- Peter Pan

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6. Favourite animal?
- Pumbaa

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7. Favourite sidekick?
- Dug

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8. Favourite villain?
- Anastasia and Drizella

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9. Favourite original character?
- Donald Duck

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10.Favourite song?
- Beauty And The Beast and Circle Of Life

11. Favourite villain song?
- Gaston

12. Least favourite song?
- Breaking Free

13. Favourite kiss?
- Belle and Adam

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14. First movie I ever saw?
- Snow White

15. Favourite classic?
- Alice in Wonderland

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16. Least favourite classic?
- The Fox And The Hound

17. Favourite Pixar movie?
- Inside Out

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18. Least favourite Pixar movie?
- The Good Dinosaur

19. Favourite sequel?
- Toy Story 3

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20. Overrated movie?
- Frozen

21. Underrated movie?
- Atlantis

22. Movie that makes me laugh?
- Monsters, Inc

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23. Movie that makes me cry?
- The Fox And The Hound and Bambi

24. Favourite scene from favourite movie?
- My favourite scene in Beauty and the Beast is when Belle and the Beast are dancing

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25. Saddest death?
- The death of Bambi's mother

26. Favourite quote?
-“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” - Rafiki

27. Favourite theme park?
- I don't know

28. Favourite themed attraction?

29. Favourite show?
- Timon & Bumbaa

30. Favourite love song?
- Beauty and the beast

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