Yes, I know, this is going to be a random post but I love reading about it, so I decided to make this post for you to read!

1 Fujifilm Instax

It's definitely what I want to buy.
First of all, it has that old vibe and then it is very beautiful to leave in the decoration.

camera blue

2 Record Players

Look at these little things, is not this beautiful? They are so beautiful and clear they are great for decorating the room too.

aesthetic grunge

3 A new room

This is not ostentatious, or anything that looks like it, but I really need a new room!
Just to have an idea at the moment I'm without a mirror.

bed bed

4 Adidas Shoes

I already have lots of pairs of sneakers, from Puma, Adidas, Nike but I really fell in love with these beautiful ones.

adidas adidas

5 Popsockets

Is this a little gimmicky? But I really want to have one of these, unfortunately I do not know where to buy.

Superthumb Superthumb

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