Yes, I know, this is going to be a random post but I love reading about it, so I decided to make this post for you to read!

1 Fujifilm Instax

It's definitely what I want to buy.
First of all, it has that old vibe and then it is very beautiful to leave in the decoration.

pink, camera, and photo image camera, blue, and photo image

2 Record Players

Look at these little things, is not this beautiful? They are so beautiful and clear they are great for decorating the room too.

vintage, we heart it, and follow me image Temporarily removed

3 A new room

This is not ostentatious, or anything that looks like it, but I really need a new room!
Just to have an idea at the moment I'm without a mirror.

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

4 Adidas Shoes

I already have lots of pairs of sneakers, from Puma, Adidas, Nike but I really fell in love with these beautiful ones.

adidas, pink, and shoes image adidas, shoes, and beige image

5 Popsockets

Is this a little gimmicky? But I really want to have one of these, unfortunately I do not know where to buy.

electronics, pop socket, and popsockets image amazing, blue, and brown image

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