What's the best way to find the truth?!?
This is a question that we all ask for different reasons in our life!
Here are some tips to find the truth:
-FIRST: You should find evidence to make it believable.
-SECOND: Give reasons and explain what your saying.
-THIRD: Try to work as a teem or with a few people to share ideas, and get big results, because teamwork is the key to success.
So, I suggest following these point to find the truth you're looking for.
But there isn't only one way to find the truth, because it always depends on the truth you're working with.
There are truths that humans have tried to discover all their life but couldn't get an answer. Like the truth about faith, life and death, and about the universe.
There's also the truth about feelings. How someone feels about, or how you feel or anyone feels about anything\anyone.
And there are truths that people deal with everyday. Like crimes, family, history, and also when you have a teacher or person that you don't like, and you think:
"Where is this dude coming from?" Hhhh just kidding...maybe😅😁!!!

So, it doesn't always matter on how much time you spend dealing with the truth you're looking for.......it all depends on you, your awareness, your evidence, and the truth you're dealing with!