Hi. My name is Andrianna. Two or 3 days ago I wrote an article named "13 why you should stay alive" and a girl told me she got really inspired by it. So I'm making a part two. 13 (more) reasons why you should stay alive. Last article:
  • So that you can drink coffee (or tea, etc.)
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  • For hugs (hugs are the best).
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  • For lazy days (they are the best days).
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  • For Internet (because sometimes Internet is the best).
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  • For food (who doesn't love food right?).
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  • For books (Books are life tbh).
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  • For shopping (I'm broke though).
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  • For sleepovers (because they are awesome).
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  • For parties (and alcohol even though It's bad for you).
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  • So that you can laugh and smile (laughing for 10 minutes straight is the best thing ever).
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  • So that you can take a lot of photos (because photos are memories).
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  • For holidays (every holiday that exists).
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  • So that you can make good memories (with friends,family and yourself).
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I'm here for anyone who needs someone to talk to. Don't give up. I believe in you <3

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Your words light up my whole world.

Here is a song for you to listen to when you are sad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCeBNwBUkcI&list=PL-NsJX4KBATBKwKaLVhruGJZo4JSqBYWk