This article is about the places I want to visit, I wanted to write them here as I don't want to loose motivation as I do practically all the dang time!

Bora Bora

beach, sea, and summer image bora bora, holidays, and ocean image pool, house, and summer image summer, beach, and travel image


mountains, road, and snow image mountains, nature, and quotes image dog, nature, and travel image alaska, arte, and beautiful image


travel, venice, and breakfast image Image removed Image by Crystall36 italy, vacation, and summer image


canada, nature, and pic image beautiful, canada, and nature image Image by Rinos Marinos canada, travel inspiration, and Alberta image


australia, beautiful, and travel image australia, breathtaking, and nature image amazing, australia, and beautiful image aesthetic, australia, and beauty image

Machu Pichu

magnifique, beautiful, and nature image trip and travel image amazing, nice, and incredible image beautiful, south america, and machu pichu image

Japan (in cherry blossom season!)

flowers, japan, and sakura image flowers, pink, and cherry blossom image japan, cherry blossom, and sakura image aesthetic, flowers, and ulzzang image

Portugal (Lisbon)

beauty, lisbon, and portugal image city, house, and photography image city, goal, and lisbon image beautiful, lisbon, and portugal image

Those were just some of the places I want to visit, I have lots more places! But hopefully one day ill be able to start visiting them!

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