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"She was almost dancing through the empty streets of Brooklyn"

Chapter 6
Weird Lady

The few next days went by pretty fast and nothing really special happened. Ivy went to school and came home, made her homework, read a little and went to bed. And that was basically it, every day.

And after such a boring couple of days today felt like a great change. Today Ivy was meeting Mary downtown and after that they would head to see a new movie that just aired. She had won two tickets from a contest in school and of course she was going to invite Mary with her. Duh.

Ivy had actually never heard about the movie, but she was looking forward to seeing it. The movie theatre was this small place close to the Manhattan bridge. She really didn't know that much about the place either.

She also had decided to meet up with the guy from the cafe. Truthfully speaking she wasn't that thrilled about it, but the guy had insisted. He apparently had something important to tell. Ivy doubted that though. She just went to get it out of the way.

The cold winter air was pinching Ivy's cheeks and brought some color to them. The red dots on her cheek bones were a clear sign of the approaching winter. But today even the cold couldn't bring Ivy down. She was almost dancing through the empty streets of Brooklyn, that excited she was to see her best friend. The one and only person who could never bore her out.

Mary saw Ivy approach already from far away. She let out a tiny shriek and rushed to meet her half way. They closed each other into a tight hug and stayed there for a long while before letting go. Mary's face was lit up by a loving smile as she withdrew from the hug. Ivy returned the smile with a small laugh and put her hands on Mary's shoulders.

"Hey, everything 'kay?" Mary asked furrowing her brows the gentle smile dancing on her lips.

"Surprisingly yes. It's weird, my life is never this...normal. There's always something crazy going on around me", Ivy answered. She had just realized how weirdly normal her life had been after the phone incident. But the thought was gone as fast as it had appeared.

"Well okay then, shall we go my weirdly normal friend?"

"Ah stop it, I know it sounds stupid. Just forget it", Ivy snapped throwing her hand up.

"I will. Let's go!" Mary exclaimed and pulled Ivy after her.

The girls walked around downtown, visiting some crowded tourist shops. Mostly because Mary insisted that Ivy was still a newcomer in the great city of New York. Ivy ended up buying all sorts of unnecessary trash, like a miniature of the Statue of Liberty. It was pretty, but Ivy planned on throwing it away the moment she'd get back home. She also now had a couple of t-shirts that said something like " I <3 NY" and one that had the cast of GossipGirl on it.

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"Ooh, that looks like a nice place to buy something sweet before the movie!" Mary said excitement dripping in her voice. Before Ivy had even a chance to say 'banana', Mary had pulled her into a tiny shop beside the street and was already talking how she was going to buy a huge popcorn with butter. Ivy hated popcorn and everything salty really.

From inside the shop was small. Really small. There was barely any space to turn around and Ivy was scared she was going to break something by accident. The smell that drifted into Ivy's nostrils was sweet, but somehow bitter. There was no one else there. Only Mary and Ivy. Ivy felt uncomfortable. It was suffocatingly hot inside and with the smell and everything Ivy just wanted to run outside to breath some fresh air.

"Mary, I think this isn't the best place to buy popcorn." Ivy whispered.

"Yeah, this place is weird. Let's go somewhere else."

But as they approached the door to get back to the street someone spoke behind them. Her voice was sickeningly sweet and almost like a whisper.

"Where are you delicious girls going?" the voice said.

"Delicious?" Ivy let out before thinking and threw her hands over her mouth.

"Oh, did I say that? How silly of me. I meant pretty girls. Very pretty."

Mary and Ivy turned around to see who exactly was talking. The lady they saw was quite old and she had round glasses on her nose. Behind those her eyes were a dark shade of brown, almost black. But what was most surprising was the tattoo that covered half of her face. It consisted from different kind of symbols, like stars and weird crosses that knitted together like vines. Ivy shivered.

I thought old ladies hated tattoos, she thought.

"We just... wrong shop", Mary explained and started to back away from the woman. Ivy followed her example and together they slipped out of the shop. The woman just looked at them with a peaceful look in her eyes and a syrupy smile.

"Woah, that was weird", Mary whispered looking amused.

"Tell me about it. Did you see that tattoo! So creepy", Ivy laughed. Mary laughed too but stopped suddenly. She turned to look at Ivy.

"Wait, what tattoo are you exactly talking about?" she then asked furrowing her black eyebrows.

"Well the obvious one."

Mary looked confused.

"The one on her face", Ivy said raising her brows.

Mary gave her a strange look. "Ivy are you feeling just fine?" she asked.

"Totally. Why, whats wrong?" Ivy met Mary's worried gaze with her steady brown eyes.

"I just- she had no tattoo."

"Maybe you just didn't look close enough?" Ivy suggested.

Mary shook her head.

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