I'm going to attend the 2nd year at the Uni in a week, ssso I decided to write an article about the perfect outfit.

GOOD TO KNOW: Here in Italy, college does not exist. Infact, after the high school (which lasts 5 years instead of 4), students can choose between University or find a job. That's why I'm already at the 2nd year.


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not too cold, not too warm: fall is the perfect season to mix winter and spring clothes
If you want too look classy, a skirt with knee socks at the bottom and a blouse or a shirt at the top, is the best. On the other hand, if you want to wear something more casual, jeans + t-shirt is still the best choice, but remember to bring with you a jacket or a sweater.
top colours: warm (orange, red, brown,..) and cold (pink, purple, blue, dark green,..)
never wear: shorts (too informal), thight skirts (they are not comfortable, at all), open toe shoes (summer is over, deal with it!)
accessories: scarf, knee socks, sunglasses


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Bring back all of your cozy sweaters and your coat!
When it's cold outside the best choice is wear a sweater: under that you can put a blouse, so it will look a little bit classy. At the bottom, jeans (for the casual ones) or trousers (for the elegant ones) are perfect, because they look nice but make you feel warm. Always wear a coat, of course.
top colours: pastel ones (pink, light blue, green,..) or dark ones (grey, black, green,..)
never wear: skirts (if you are brave enough, why not? In other cases, just don't do it),
accessories: scarf, socks, cap or beanie, gloves


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with the warm weather you can wear all the t-shirt you want
The weather is warmer now, which means you can wear skirts or dresses. On the top, you can choose between t-shirt, shirt or blouse. Jeans are comfortable and versatile too. Never forget to bring with you a jacket, in case it'll get colder.
top colours: basically, you can wear all the colours you want, all the patterns you want.
never wear: shorts (again!), tops (it's not that hot)
accessories: sunglasses, hat or cap


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There's no lesson during summer, but we have a lot of exams, so we have got a sort of dress-code
Basically, with the hot weather the only things you can wear without melting are skirts and dress. Sometimes are good jeans with a tak top too, and, if you are smart and classy enough, high waist shorts + blouse are a nice idea too (attention: shorts at Uni have to be wear with class, so please, avoid shorts+top, it's not the right place).
top colours: summer is for bright colours, but at University (especially during the exams) are better the neutral or pastel ones.
never wear: shorts+top (especially without a vest), thight skirts (uncomfortable with the hot weather), flip flops (just...don't).
accessories: hat or cap, sunglasses

see ya soon