I lost myself, i felt like i had no control and sometimes it still happens. While life wih depression is hard, its not impossible.
My mother studied reiki during my worst moment with panic attacks. Reiki is a palm-healing japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes healing. At first I was reluctant to believe, but when I noticed how better it made me feel, I decided to do some research. Reiki, mantras, spirituality, karma, i found it so interesting that I even got my very own Atlantis ring.

atlantisring image
The ring and its symbols are empowerment tools that help protect, balance and harmonize a persons energy.

Although i do take medication for my panic disorder, and that reiki is not for everyone, I just wanted to share this experience with you because maybe it can help you as much as it helped me.

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Thank you for reading, and remember, depression is not the end of anything, you are stronger than you believe!