My first article had to be about one of things i love the most in the world: FALL!

The reasons why i love it so much?

· The weather! From september to november the weather is (at least for me) perfect. it's not too hot nor cold.
· The food! Let's be honest here Fall and Christmas are the best seasons when it comes to food. Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, hot chocolate, pumpkin and carrot soup, apple pie ... i could go on all day.
·The food! Just thinking about all the sweaters that i'm gonna wear i get excited haha. wearing skirts with high knee socks and cardigans... it's just the best!!
·The views, just walking on the streets full of brown, orange and red leaves, looking at the trees with these beautiful colors, and how they are starting to decorate the streets for Halloween and Christmas. Just the feeling you get when you're outside.
· And the Last but not the least: HALLOWEEN!! i think that's the thing that everyone loves about Autumn. Everything about Halloween is PERFECT. The decotarions, the music, the movies (Hocus Pocus it a MUST!!, the dresses... just everything.

So yeah i love autumn and now that's here i don't want it to end, but on the other hand i can not wait for Christmas haha!!
i Hope you enjoyed this post and sorry for my bad writing!!