1. Cherry Hill by Russ

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb music
maybe I'm a fool for you

2. Bad Religion by Frank Ocean

music bad aesthetic Superthumb
only bad, only bad religion ´could have me feeling the way I do

3. Fall Away by Twenty One Pilots

music twenty one pilots flowers grammys
I'll keep the lights on in this place cause I don't wanna fall, fall away

4. Wavy (Interlude) by SZA, James Fauntleroy

ctrl sza
I've been waitin' for you, boy

5. Same Ol' Mistakes by Rihanna

album Superthumb Superthumb anti
feel like a brand new person (but you make the same old mistakes)

6. If I Believe You by The 1975

band alternative Superthumb band
And if I believe you will that make it stop?

7. PRIDE by Kendrick Lamar

damn Superthumb
love's gonna get you killed but pride’s gonna be the death of you and you and me

8. TALK ME DOWN by Troye Sivan

album Lyrics Superthumb troye sivan
so come over now and talk me down

9. No. 1 Party Anthem by Arctic Monkeys

am Superthumb Superthumb alex turner
Come on, come on, come on before the moment's gone Number one party anthem

10. Refund by Idrys Blck

alternative, neon purple, and glow image
If you waste my time, then imma need a refund