1. Declutter
2. Organize something differently
3. Wake up 10 minutes earlier
4. Take a walk- without your phone
5. Start a journal
6. Volunteer at a local rescue shelter
7. Read a good book
8. Smile more
9. Complement someone randomly
10. Say hello to a stranger
11. Don't rely on your memory; write things down
12. Meditate
13. Do something new
14. Do a two-day cleanse
15. Get some exercise every day
16. Don't stress about things
17. Talk to someone new
18. Pet a dog
19. Write a letter to a close friend- you don't have to actually send it
20. Look through your camera roll or snapchat memories
21. Listen intently
22. Create a playlist for every mood you may be feeling
23. Draw
24. Write a story
25. Change your bed sheets or pillow case
26. Get off your phone. For real. Leave it in a different room.
27. Take pictures
28. Watch a classic good movie
29. Make lists of what you have to do
30. Do everything you have to before you spend time on any devices
31. Don't. Procrastinate.
32. Have a bath or long shower
33. Find a new singer/band
34. Talk to people
35. Look up at the stars
36. Have some tea
37. Go to a different restaurant/order from a different place
38. Stop trying to fix other people
39. Call a family member or friend to see how they're doing
40. Take risks
41. Keep busy
42. Know its okay to say "no" sometimes
43. Say "no" sometimes
44. Don't care what other people think
45. Try a new hairstyle
46. Watch a sport you like
47. Sit outside and do nothing for 15 minutes
48. Take things more lightly
49. Look at the world from other peoples' perspectives
50. Relax. Live in the now. You have your whole life ahead.