The Bleta Pov
Into a new school Los Angeles is already going for three days. I have two friends with whom I communicate. Now I sit in the dining room and listen to Alison stories about what she bought yesterday during a sale.
-... And yet ...-Shaked her head
- I quite.-I laughed. Alison girl interesting, but sometimes too obtrusive. Has black hair to shoulder and gray eyes. Beautiful shape and a strange sense of humor.
-I get the feeling that I have everything I bought it, not you.-Laced Cecilia. Brown, a bit of curling the hair up to the middle of the back, green eyes and a slow figure.
-Not interested, do not listen - I laughed, and afterwards in his unfinished pea soup traveled toward the table with dirty crockery. But gone a few steps I stumbled outside someone's backpack and at least over forward I was thrown away my dish. Angrily I looked the guy who picked up the bag and just subtitled laughter.
I picked the eyes and I stopped in front of me stood a Tomlinson, and on his head in my white dish. In the face of the flowing from big, soup. I looked to my friends that showed you make tracks for as long as he did not kill me.
I got over it and started to slip off from it – even uses run-I bothered having heard the voice of Tomlinson. and I fell off the innocent smile nutaisiau.-Whoppps.-the guy from head withdrewmy Squealed dish and helped on the next table. Then with the hand disfigured face and unlocked your eyes just have burned me a glance. Again I turned around and did not listen to anything I went out of the cafeteria.
This is first part i hope you liked if you liked please tell me contune or not
With love Food Angel ♥