I saw @arthistry doing this "15 Days Writing Challenge" (originally created by @eifos9, if I'm not wrong). And I thought : "Why don't I make one ?". I've been reading a lot of these recently, and it really made me want to write a little more about myself (it sounds so selfish, though). Let's just say it's a way to introduce myself a little bit more. To be completely honest, I don't remember when this challenge actually started. So I'm just going to follow the days I want...

1. My name's Justine. I'm from Brussels, Belgium. @inkrain is actually a reference for both my grandfather and Prince. Two people I really admire.

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It bothers me sometimes when people talk about themselves for the greatest things they achieved. Of course, it's the thing you're going to put in front because of the image it delivers. It's way more positive than when you point out your flaws. But I think it's also interesting that way : we're not perfect. So let me tell you about my flaws.

2. • I'm an attention whore. I crave for you to know I'm in the same room as you are. Simply because I fear I might be inferior to you.

• I'm a drama queen (it can also be related to the previous flaw) and I tend to lie about who I am, to make a fuss about the slightest of my problems and put myself into situations I'd rather avoid.

3. I love people. I mean... I love meeting persons and share my ideas with them. I love watching crowds move into the city and invent little stories about their lives (I'm not a creep at all). I love learning about elders' past and adventures or people I meet randomly and tell me about their projects. Everyone's so different and it's just so great.

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