Day 1: Write an article that´s about you. Introduce yourself.

I´m a 17-year old girl from Norway, called Kristine. I don´t really like my name, so you can just call me Krissie<3
I´m a very shy, innocent and introverted person, but around my friends I can be super hyper and full of energy (if I´m in the right mood).

I have done track and field for 9 years, since I was six or seven years old. I had to quit, because I got injured, and I really miss it. I miss jumping and running, and most of all, competing. I was pretty good, but now I suck. Ever since I quit track and field, I have been dancing (modern). I love pretending like I am someone else, therefore modern suited me perfectly. This year I´m taking a break from dancing to focus on myself and who I am, because I think that is really important.

Funny fact about me is that I love acting, and I wish I could work with acting in the future. My dream jobs are actress, photographer, fashion designer, make-up-artist and detective. I dream big. Hahah.

I also love books, and especially those filled with romance, action and fantasy. I also like drawing, but I have no time for that because of school. My favourite subject is arts and English, but I´m done with both of these subjects. I really don´t like mathematics, and I´m really bad at it too. When I have time for it, I watch my favourite series, Teen Wolf, which is ending now btw :(

My favourite animal is, and has been since I was like ten, sea turtle. I also like lions, fox and rabbit. When I have settled down, I want to get myself a grey or white rabbit (girl). I had rabbits when I was little, but one summer I started sneezing and you could tell I was allergic. My mum and dad thought I was allergic to the rabbits, but in 2015 I took this allergy-test, and I turned out to be allergic to this type of grass. I am so sad we gave away our rabbits for nothing. My first rabbit was called Bugs Bunny (but in Norwegian= Snurresprett). I loved that character when I was little. My sister´s rabbit was called Snow White (=Snøhvit). My sister is just one year younger than me, and we are best friends. My other best friend goes to another High School than me, but we are still close.
If I would get a rabbit now, I would call it Charlie/Penny or Stella (if a girl), and Thumper/Tod or Berlioz (if a boy).

I think that´s all I can come up with at this moment. Thanks for reading all the way through this uninteresting article, ahahha. I´m doing this for my own good though.

xoxo Krissie