Three years ago I was unhappy and I haven't even noticed that I was.

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I was in a relationship with a good-looking boy, my college life was going very well, I had a part-time job, enough money and a lot of friends and family around me. But I still wasn’t happy and I didn't know what was wrong with me.
I started asking myself why I was not happy even if I have had everything I wanted in my life and then I realized… that the life I was living was the life that my family, teachers, friends and boyfriend were expecting from me to live. I realized also that I have depression and that all those panics attacks that I have in the middle of the night aren't "just stress", that because I feel lonely doesn't mean that I need a relationship with someone I don't really love.

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After that moment everything changed for me, I just started looking for something without knowing what I was looking for and I remember that I had the desire to grab my things and just go without saying anything to a place where nobody would know me and nobody would expect something from me. And that’s what I did.

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Everyone told me that I was crazy if I thought I would survive three months in a foreign country alone but I didn't care because my decision was made. A few days before my adventure would start I broke up with my boyfriend as he got so angry and just asked me "What I'm going to do without a girlfriend in this summer?" like he just was using me to be the pretty stupid girl on his side.

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After that I noticed not just that I have depression, also that I was in a toxic relationship and that just motivated myself to keep the distance and see my life from a different perspective. Travel saved my life from a live that I wasn't enjoying, from a toxic relationship and it shows me that life can be hard to live but you can't just give up because there is so many beautiful places and people that are waiting for you.

Travel saved my life because if I didn't buy that ticket three years ago, I wouldn't be here alive writing this words.