Hola, hello gente bonita! ♡

(Note: My native language is spanish. I decided this first article would be written in english, but some will be in spanish too.)

Let me introduce myself…

Luna is my name and I’m a sixteen year old girl from Argentina. I speak spanish and english as you can see, so you can talk to me in the language you feel most comfortable with. My birthday is the 26th of September and I’m a Libra. I have my hair dyed in purple because It’s my favorite color and yolo.
I enjoy A LOT of things in life, let me tell you about them…

♡ Writing. I enjoy writing stories, texts, poems or just thoughts. At the moment I’m writing a story about friendship. In a few days I’m gonna start posting it in Wattpad (@/themoonsecrets). Would you read it?

coffee book

♡ Watching series and movies. I have A LOT of favorite series and movies but at the moment I’m watching Elementary and SKAM, and the last movie I saw was IT. I’ll write about my favorites later.

chips Superthumb

♡ Reading. My very first book was Alice Through The Looking Glass (yeah I started with the wrong one lol) and then I never stopped. At the moment I’m reading Encuentros: El Lado B del Amor written by Gabriel Rolón, an argentinian psychoanalyst. Article about this later.

Superthumb book

♡ Dancing. I love to dance cumbia, cuarteto, and hip hop. I LOVE Matt Steffanina and 1MILLION Dance with my whole heart.

♡ Music. If I have to name all the bands and singers I love I’ll never end, so I’m gonna do an article about it later.

alternative case

♡ Fangirling. I’m a multifandom fulltime fangirl and shipper (Larrymyreligion). Article about this later.

cat band

♡ Disney movies. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan with my whole life. I’ll write about each one later.

disney alice

♡ Zentangle Art and mandalas. I’m always doing it and then I paint them with watercolors, It’s so relaxing and beautiful.

art Superthumb

♡ Coffee and tea. If I don’t drink a cup of each one every day, I’m not myself lol.

♡ My pets. I have 5 dogs and one turtle. I had a lot more like bunnies, hamsters, parrots, birds, another 2 dogs and another turtle, but they passed away or escaped.

♡ MARVEL universe. I super mega hiper really love it. I also love DC Comics but my love for Marvel is so much more intense and Stan Lee yOU’RE MY GOD.

Superthumb Superthumb
The left one is a photo of mine!

♡ Fashion. I´m not very interested in fashion brands (just a few from my country) and designers (just Victoria Beckham), but I like a lot of models. Some of them are Cara Delevingne, Barbara Palvin, Zendaya, Taylor Hill.

taylor hill blonde

♡ Youtubers. I like Nekane Flisflisher, Mariano Bondar, DrossRotzank, Hecatombe Producciones, Dude Vlogs, Zoella, Amy Valentine, Rosy McMichael, Jeydon Wale, Laura Leth.

youtube Superthumb

♡ Bodybuilding/fitness. My dad and my brother are into it, and I am too. I have a lot of inspirations but Michelle Lewin and the king Arnold Schwarzenegger are first.

michelle lewin abs

♡ Hugs. I love hug people and receive hugs. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world for me. So, you, who is reading this, can I give you a virtual hug?


  • My favorite season is winter but I like spring too because in my country it starts in September which is the Student month and the Spring Month (we celebrate them the same day, the 21st.)
  • I want to study pshychology.
  • I hate lies and dishonesty.
  • I like photography.
  • I support the LGBTQ+ community. I’m bisexual.
kermit rainbow
  • I prefer staying at home than going out.
  • If you give me a gift made by you, a letter, a candy, even a rock or a paper with whatever written on it, I’ll love it and keep it forever.
  • I keep everything that can remind me of a special moment. For example: cinema tickets, bottle caps, etc.
  • I prefer a pizza or ice cream or simple cookies than a special dinner, or just sit in the sidewalk and drink tereré while we listen to music.
  • I’m always asking the why of things.
  • I love waking up a no-school morning (very early) and open all the windows and the yard door to let the house breathe, then prepare a coffee and sit with my laptop to spend the time in peace.
  • I have a lot of girl and boy crushes, I’ll write about them in another article.
  • I love to make people happy or just smile with little details.

Well, I think I got a little excited back there, so it’s enough for now. I have a lot of ideas for articles!
Finally, I’ve been in WHI for years and I haven’t made a single friend even though I wanted to. So, if you did read this article and I’m interesting to you or whatever, I’ll be glad to talk with you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it. ♡♡♡

I hope you are having a nice day/night, and if you’re not, remember everything it’s gonna be alright soon.

—Sincerely, Luna.