I never thought that a morning routine would change my life as much as it is doing right now.

And all this I owe it to the author of The Miracle Morning Book, Mr. Hal Elrod. This is one of the books that have changed the road that I am walking. Before the road was dark and I could barely see ahead of me. Now I can see a definite goal and this is one of the books that guide me into seeing “that goal”.

I don’t know him personally, but by the way he writes and explains I do not doubt that he is a great person and I recommend this book very much to anyone who wants a change in their current life.

In the book he talks about he’s experiences in life and how he got back up. He also explains the S.A.V.E.R.S which represent the miracle morning routine.

S - Silence

A - Affirmations

V - Visualization 

E - Exercise

R - Reading

S - Scribing 

In the book he starts by saying take the time needed to do these. If you want to take 5 minutes or 10 minutes for “each” do what is helpful for you. He gives example of taking 10 minutes for each.

Silence :

First thing very important to take note from : Take the amount that is necessary for you. In our current lives our brains function 24/7 without giving it time to breathe and just let it be. We wake up then start right away the day high speed mode taking 2 espressos or normal coffee/tea, etc.  Some start already stressed out for being late for work, some get it while heading to work in the seemingly-unending-very-boring-and-helpful-to-find-idiots-traffic. (Well… that’s how it was for me.Anyhow…)

Silence is the time were you just sit down and relax. You just breathe. If you want to call this meditation go right ahead. If you are someone similar to me who for no reason can’t seem to like the term meditation just use silence, my zone off time, or any word. It’s your routine make it fun.

Here’s an example of how I do it.

I count my breathing. I’m still unable to concentrate on just breathing and feeling the energy flow in my body. My mind always diverts itself with the most useless subjects ever. Thus I count my breathing which helps me concentrate on something else. I keep my eyes half shut. I usually stare down at a spot or close my eyes if I’m certain that I won’t fall asleep.

Personally in the morning I do it for 1 minute. In my case I found myself more active in the morning if I spend less time on the silence. Because it calms me down so much that I just don’t function anymore, I find myself thinking less effectively and come up with answers slower than usual and I just want to go back to sleep. However in the evening before my night routine I do spend the time necessary to just breathe (from 3 to 15 minutes).

Affirmations :

One of the things I love to do. Mostly alone, because I just scream them out and do some weird poses and just have a blast while saying them.

Affirmations can be seen as positive-thinking. I see them as shaping the person I’m becoming. In my present opinion, affirmations are one of the most important keys for a person's confidence. You cannot be a confident person if you don’t believe what you are telling yourself. How do you get to believe your affirmations ? Repeat them!

Here’s how I learned that repetition is key in affirmations.

When I was young, in high school, I used to be laughed at. Some tell me I was bullied, however I’ve always found the term bullied to be very negative as a word. It had such a negative impact, I felt much worse using that term then just saying anything else. I remember as if it was yesterday, people would call me names every single day. I’d be laughed at, joked about, etc, etc; and for what ? Actually no reasons whatsoever. I’ve learned the reasons in my 3rd year and then in my fifth year (when it was someone different) To this day, weird to say, I am glad that I was bullied. Crazy right ?

Not so much in my eyes, for I have taken the negative and turned it into a lesson. School will not teach you about bullying or how to get out of it. It won’t tell you how to stop it or why the person in charge of the bullying is doing it. Sometimes you can’t even trust the adults to help you. But while I am on this subject know this there are people out there who are willing to help. And if you want get out of there on your own because you can’t find anyone then YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO GET YOURSELF OUT OF THERE.

So, how did I get out of that mindset? I’ve figured out that whatever I was being called I would repeat it in my head while they were saying it.As if the word itself echoed  to make sure its presence would be known. Later, if I did a mistake I would apply the names they called me to explain why I made a mistake or failed. I defined myself by the names I was being called.

Now while re-reading my journal from those days. I found sentences clearly writing that even though it was a lie the words got stuck in my head. That the fake smile with time would become genuine because I would forget what it was to smile from the bottom of my heart. I also saw myself “after the names sank in” telling myself that there might actually be something wrong with me and maybe “they” are right. Then  I found a quote from an anime.

Thus, at that age I had learned what a habit is and what the power of repetition can do. I learned it the hard way but now I can use it the right way.

So take it from me, if you can learn it from a negative way you can definitely turn it into something good.

If you repeat your affirmations at some point they WILL become genuine, but this time it won’t be by accident. This time it will be because YOU have decided that it would be this way, because YOU took CONTROL of your fate.

Here are some examples of the affirmations I use:

- I am a Warrior (the capital is necessary)
- I’m one of the 1%
- I’m a goal achiever
- I NEVER give up
- I’m beautiful
- I’m intelligent
- I’m fantastic
- I’m elegant and classy
- I’m humble
- I’m content
- I don’t need much to be happy, Chocolate is a miracle cure !
- I will Achieve it
- I will Achieve it
Visualization :

For me visualization is crucial. It is where I get my motivation back on beast mode. There are days when you just feel like doing nothing and just Netflix all day long, not wanting to interact with anyone. There are days when you will just want to give up. It will come be sure of that so prepare yourself for it. The road to your success will never be a straight line without any obstacles. That is why I visualize every single day. When I wake up, before I go to sleep, anytime I feel low I just visualize and remind myself why I am doing this. I Visualize being in the house of my dreams. I imagine myself being surrounded by the people I want to be in my surroundings. I imagine the feelings that come with every image, I imagine the crowd, I imagine every reasons WHY I decided to go for that dream, I imagine the end result, etc. 

When I know my motivation is up. I start visualizing how I’ll get to those results. I image the possible outcomes and reactions I might have. I plan 2-3 steps ahead while visualizing.

To me visualization is my source for motivation. My reasons (my why’s) that are big enough to keep me going.


In my case, I have training at 7h00 am 3 times a week. For the days I don’t train at 7h00,  I train at home. Now exercise doesn’t have to be to the point of sweating every inch of water out. It doesn’t have to be high intensity exercise. As long as you get your heart pumping your good.

Personally I go for a moderate training because I know that during the day I have 2 high intensity training. But that is to achieve my goal. Some days I do Tai Chi or Yoga from time to time to just stretch those sore muscles.

If however you do not like doing these, you can go for a walk, jogging, do yoga, anything that will get your heart pumping. Getting activated will wake you up much faster than just that coffee in the morning plus you reap so much benefits from exercising.

Reading :

Just as exercise is good for your body reading is food for your brain. Your brain is the most important organ in your system. Control your brain and you control your life. So why not feed it with good calories?

We need to take care of the brain. If you don’t eat right you won’t function as well, and feel heavy and tired. So feed it. Give it what it wants. Learn something new everyday.

Scribing :

Journaling is important. At first I was only writing down what went wrong and how I felt. I practically never went back to analyze it and see what I did wrong. Today I use scrubbing as a way to write down quotes, my affirmations, what i did right and wrong, what i want to do during the week, plan my priorities, etc.

To me scribing, is making the plan of the day and of the week. I call my journal my number one fan or my secretary, it knows everything and helps all the time.  But the fact that I write things down make them seem more important. I give them significance, I give them life, I give them a meaning that brings a feeling with it.

Make it your routine :

To finish, I want you to find your routine. You don’t have to do them in order. My order changes depending how I feel in the morning. If I feel more low then usual Visualization comes first and exercise second. The S.A.V.E.R.S give you the basics and are there to help you. Afterwards what you do in what order is up to you. What one person does may not necessarily work for you. It can actually take time for you to find the right routine. I know it took me 2 weeks to find the right one. And now i’m reaping the benefits. I’m waking up full of energy, ready to beat the day, finding new friends, new roads all leading to my goal.   

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