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  • 24. Best memory of this last year.

My best memory of this past year is, hands down, our family trip to Orlando Florida! We spent four days at Walt Disney World and two days at Universal Studios.

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Day 1: Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was my favorite park. It truly lives up to its name of the happiest place on earth! We saw parades, took pictures of Cinderella's castle, met Belle, and rode many rides with our fastpasses.

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Day 2: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was a blast and has one of my favorite rides, Mount Everest An Unexpected Journey. We saw so many cool animals such as monkeys, tigers, lions, giraffes, and elephants! The food was, of course, amazing too. #MickeyPretzels!

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Day 3: Universal Studios Day 1

Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! No seriously, that's all I did all day. Everything was so amazing! From the detail in Kings Cross station, the exclusiveness of Diagon Alley, the interactiveness through the magic wands and all the rides, it's no wonder why it's a must-see for all Harry Potter fans.

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Day 4: Epcot

One word: food. I made my dad promise me before our trip that we could try a cannoli in France together. It was delicious! Also, the Finding Nemo ride was super cute.

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Day 5: Universal Day 2

We simply couldn't resist going back to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. However, on this day, we also made sure to ride the Rockin Rollercoaster, MIB, and ET as well as others.

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Day 6: Disney Hollywood Studios

Pretty much Star Wars and Tower of Terror sums up this day. We also saw the Indiana Jones and, a personal favorite of mine, Fantasmic! Meeting Chewbacca was super cool. Who knew he was such a flirt! Haha

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Day 7: Cocoa Beach

On our last day, we went to the beach to relax and soak up the final day of vacation.

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Forever wishing I could go back and, in the meantime, loving the memories I made on my trip to Orlando.

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