attack on titan, anime, and snk image
1_ Attack on Titan
game of thrones, got, and jon snow image
2_ This one is classic Game of Thrones
anime, zankyou no terror, and twelve image
3_ Terror in Resonance
stranger things, quotes, and mike image
4_ Stranger Things
brooklyn nine nine image
5_ Brooklyn Nine Nine
Image by Samuel Ssam Freij
6_ Rick and Morty
anime, art, and mirai nikki image
7_ Mirai Nikki
gif, owari no seraph, and seraph of the end image
8_ Owari No Seraph
anime, game, and shiro image
9_ No Game No Life
Abusive image
10_ Agent Carter
how i met your mother, himym, and robin image
11_ How İ Met Your Mother
death note, light yagami, and anime image
12_ Death Note
anime, drama, and game image
13_ Death Parade
theme, rami malek, and insta theme image
14_ Sense 8
Image removed
15_ Genius
beautiful, brunette, and eva green image
16_ Penny Dreadful

17_Unfortunate Events

I couldn't find a good picture for this but this tv serie is very funny and i like it.

Image by sakura uchiha
18_ Guilty Crown
Image removed
19_ Legion
red and the handmaid's tale image
20_Handmaiden's Tale ( I couldn't find a good picture for this to i am sorry )
fargo image
Image removed
Image by My life is my own series