So I think it's time to talk about ''emo shaming''. There are a lot of people out there and mostly people that listen to pop to be honest that call kids like I am that listen to rock/metalcore/hardcore/metal/screamo emo cunts, satan worshipers and tell them to kill themselves. I have been called an emo a lot. If you're a person of this kind that likes to call kids that like rock emo cunts and other names, then you should stop it RIGHT NOW. First of all, WE didn't come up to a song of Austin Mahone for example and started calling you names like stupid, faggots, depressive persons and other stuff. Like okay, some people from our fandoms do that too and I think that they should stop doing that NOW because it's childish to attack other fandoms, but also a part of this is your fault too. I see this a lot in BVB songs or BMTH songs and many other rock bands and I have to say that you have no right to do that, especially out of the blue. Spreading hate and continuing this thing is not gonna give you any glory and you're not going to get an award for acting smart and pretend to be a dummy, because smart people, mark my words, SMART people don't do that. Also, telling us to kill ourselves and go die does hurt us and just because we listen to rock doesn't mean that we're not humans too. And I have to say that yes, I do fight depression and these ''stupid bands''have helped me a lot. These ''stupid bands'' are a second hand to the people who suffer from depression, paranoia, schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts. And another thing is that romanticizing depression is absolutely stupid and it's like romanticizing death. And if you're here to spread hate, then you should shut your mouth.