my favorite season is autumn, there are so many nice things about this season that I just love
so here are movies that are really really nice to watch in autumn with your friends and family 🎃

you've got mail image
1)- you've got mail ( 1998 ) "if you want to cover yourself with a warm blanket and a warm cup of hot chocolate then this movie is for you "
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2)- practical magic (1998) "with all the magic and the autumn weather, you will fall in love with this movie"
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3)- Halloweentown (1998) "EVERYONE loves this movie I mean who doesn't, this movie gives exactly the vibe for autumn and Halloween"
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4)- fantastic Mr fox (2009) "the colors in this movie are totally autumn vibe "
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5)- Hocus Pocus ( 1993) "The ultimate Halloween movie "
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6)- Edward Scissorhands (1990) "Tim Burton's movies are the absolute autumn movies"
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7)- The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) "my favorite movie of all time , I watched it a lot of times and I love it so much and it's really confusing because you either watch it on Halloween or in Christmas or both lol "
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8)- the corpse bride ( 2005) "another tim burton movie, honestly the best movies for Halloween and autumn are tim burton's movies "
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9)- coraline (2009) "best movie everrrr"
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10)- tanner hall ( 2009) "perfect movie to watch on a cold night with a sleepover with your besties "
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11)- The craft ( 1996) "if you are looking for a movie about magic and witches then this is the one, one of my favorites "
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12)- orphan (2009) "this horror movie is perfect for cold nights with friends "
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13)- red riding hood ( 2011) " we all know this old story but the movie gives it a better story and the cold snowy weather fits perfectly "
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14)-stardust (2007) " a magical movie "
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15)-monster house ( 2006) "okay admit it we were all scared of this movie lol "
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16)-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) " everyone's favorite movie series, honestly all the harry potter series is suitable for autumn "
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17)-The Addams family (1991) "everyone's favorite family "
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18)-Beetlejuice (1988) " Tim burton at it again "
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19)- How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) " this movie actually came out when i was born lol , it's amazing "
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20)- a Christmas carol (2009) " the ultimate christmas movie of all time "

please heart my article and give me feedback and tell me how many of these movies have you watched and if i should do another article for other seasons .
thank you everyone i love you