Hi guys!
Today I'm going to show you the cities I want to go.
I hope you like it!

  • Miami
fish, summer, and sea image sky, blue, and summer image summer, beach, and Miami image beach, summer, and sky image
  • Tokyo
sunflower, flowers, and mountains image street, tree, and car image japan image city image
  • Paris
france, paris, and love image travel image paris, city, and travel image paris, light, and france image
  • London
Image by Crystall36 photography and sunset image london, snow, and winter image london image
  • Berlin
berlin image beauty, blonde, and Hot image berlin, germany, and berlim image architecture, art, and berlin image
  • Athens
acropolis, adventure, and Athens image athena, Athens, and Greece image ancient, Athens, and Greece image Greece, Athens, and statue image
  • Rome
adventure, architecture, and paris image art, blue, and fountain image rome, italy, and photography image city image
  • Sydney
australia, beach, and nature image beach, kangaroo, and animals image travel, Sydney, and australia image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
  • Machu Pichu
machu picchu, peru, and travel image place, machu picchu, and peru image peru, world, and machu pichu image machu pichu image

So that was all I have for you and I hope you liked it!

xx Marit