Fall is here. And I wouldn't be a basic ass bitch if I wouldn't do this things. This is how to get into the spirit of fall.


  • Christmas lights. Hang or tape them on your wall- above your bed, desk, window, on the door- the choice is yours. And you can leave it on even when christmas comes.
  • Lots of blankets and pillows: Get as cozy as you can. Put a blanket on your chair, is there a corner in your room that is just empty? Put a blanket on the floor, get some pillows, do whatever you want.
  • Bedside table. Get a cute lamp. Scented candles are important. Get like a cinnamon or anything that reminds you of fall. Maybe go outside and pick up some stuff that fall out of trees. Use your imagination.
  • Fall colours. Brown, white, red (dark), black, grey, orange if you are feeling like halloween.
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  • The key word: cozy.
  • You need to own at least one (white) cozy comfortable woolen sweather.
  • Scarfs.
  • Colours: white, brown, dark red, grey, black.
  • Uggs if you are feeling basic.
  • Flannel
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  • Make yourself some hot creamy drinks and don't forget marshmallows.
  • http://www.anightowlblog.com/2013/10/25-hot-chocolate-recipes.html/
  • https://www.pinterest.com/pin/140526450852427473/ -some recipes for hot drinks from Pinterest.
  • Pour a little bit of vodka in your drink. If you have friends over. Or if you are alone, I don't judge.
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Step one: Get cozy. Make yourself a drink, get wrapped in blankets, if you want to- get a friend. Build a fort.
Step two: Find a great movie or show that you can watch.

Here are some great movies and shows.

  • Harry Potter
  • Beastly
  • Romeo and Juliet (1996)
  • Interstellar
  • The book thief
  • The breakfast club
  • The secret garden
  • Brave
  • Stand by me
  • Heathers
  • The edge of seventeen
  • The great Gatsby
  • Zootopia
  • Alice in the Wonderland
  • All I see is you
  • Gossip Girl (show)
  • The Office (show)


Here are some great books, perfect to get you in the mood (for fall).

  • Harry Potter- J. K . Rowling
  • Love story- Erich Segal
  • Whispers in autumn- Trisha Leight
  • Autumn getaway- Jennifer Gracen
  • The Thirteenth Tale- Diane Setterfield
  • Collected Ghost Stories- M. R. James
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  • A night outside with friends.

Things you are going to need:
1. A tent
2. Friends
3. A lot of blankets and warm clothes because it is cold outside
4. Food and drinks. Order a pizza or something.
6. A fire
7. A night without rain!

For a perfect night, invite your friend over, but not into your house. You have to be outside. Make a fire and make marshmallows. You can talk, play games, read scary stories, watch the stars... When you are done with outside activities, go to your tent. Take a lot of blankets and you can all snuggle. If you want to, you can take your laptop and watch a movie (take a CD, or download it before) and while you do that, you can eat a pizza or something.

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  • A fun day in the rain

Is it rainig and you want to do something fun?
Dress warmly and in a waterproof coat and boots and GO OUTSIDE!
Run in the rain, jump, go to a walk, go explore your town, do whatever you want.
And when you finnish, go home and grab yourself something warm to eat and drink.

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  • A day when you just don't feel like it

We all have days like that. When you have no energy and nothing to do.
Snuggle with your pets, read a book or watch a movie, binge watch a show, paint something, write something, take a nap, cook or bake something (like cookies)...

  • Road trip
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  • Explore the forest
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ps. don't get lost
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more ideas on what to do


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Life is fun. Do something nice with it. I hope this article made you inspired for fall.