I wanted to write this blogpost for a long time, but actually didn’t know what to write about this subject. Now, a few months later I know.

Now you know Saturn is my favorite planet for already a few months now. I always didn’t know why, but I think I know now. Last Saturday I did some research for my own zodiac sign, Aquarius. You can read more about that on my blog. When I had read much information about this zodiac sign, I found out Saturn is one of their rulers. That’s cool isn’t it?

During this research I clicked further and ended up at a page about Saturn in astrology. Very interesting. This page told me that this planet rules the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Yay! Its main policy is to take responsibility. And let’s say, I actually love to do that. I think we have a lot in common.

The main role of Saturn in our lives is, to make us rest. It won’t let us do things that aren’t good for us. And when it has no choice, I’ll make us ill so it can finally put us in bed. Well, I don’t know but this sounds good to me. To have something that will take care of you. I mean, I always liked the shape of Saturn in combination with the beautiful ring. But now I know the spiritual meaning, I know I like (and maybe love) the whole planet. With inner and outer appearance.

What’s your favourite planet?


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