Hello to all wonderful creatures reading this!
Before I get to the point, I wanna say how thankful I am for all of you that read and hearted my articles.. It means a lot to me and I love you all!

So... I'm gonna post my article about affirmations and everything you read in my last one. I wanted to jump to that immediately, but hey - it would be amazing to introduce myself in a proper and cute way, right? To make this more interesting, Imma write things that first come to my mind!

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My name is Helena.
22 years old.
I got natural curly and thick hair.
I'm a vegan.

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I'm gym and fitness addict.
When I talk, I jump from topic to topic - I'm usually happy most of the day and I get excited so easily, so when I start talking about something in that mood, it turns into a very long story :D

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I laugh a lot.
My breasts are small.
I LOVE coffee - strong, dark, with a touch of brown sugar. Simple.
I don't like Summer at all - Autumn is the best thing ever!!!

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I could eat bananas all day, every day.

I also like indian and mexican food.
I adore all animals that exist on Earth, but my fave animals are dogs and kangaroos.

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I don't have any tattoos, but I'm getting my first one done very soon.
My fave TV show is Sex and the city, I rewatched it so many times since my 8th grade. Orange is the new black is awesome too - can't wait for the next season.
My favourite colors are burgundy (all damn shades of it!) and black.

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I can't stand black grapes.
The thing that I'm proudest of is my strength and desire that I put in effort to change my thinking and myself - to live happier life, think positive and be free from all the boundaries that are "set".

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I always say how I'm "IN LOVE" with some nail polish and how "I COULD WEAR THIS SAME COLOR FOREVER", but can't stand same nail polish on my nails for more than 3 days :'D

I'm soooo curious!

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My favourite movie of all time is Harry Potter, that movie is the love of my life, period.
I don't like Facebook at all, I'm Insta kind of gal.
I like that feeling of being sore after a good workout. I LIVE FOR THE LEG DAY!

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I had eating disorders, binge eating and bulimia, but got over it when I became vegan - SO THANKFUL FOR THAT! Yes, I'm gonna be writing about that (not now) and I hope I can help someone who's struggling with that s*it, at least a little bit. SELF-LOVE IS THE KEY FOR EVERYTHING GOOD THAT YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE OR DREAM OF!
When I eat junk food on my cheat day, I usually make vegan pizza or pancakes, and a lot of popcorn - popcorn are my top 5 ultimate favourite food :D

I could wear jeans and sneakers forever. My fashion holy grails are some good skinny jeans, sneakers (most of my sports wear are Nikes, Pegasus is my favourite model).
I can't stand heavy makeup on my face. I don't use foundation, I use concealer and put it just on places we highlight (undereye, cheekbones, nose a little bit, chin, and that's it - the rest of my face stays naked), I contour, use a bronzer and blush, but the point is - a lot of my face areas stay untouched with just a moisturizer on it. I don't like eyeshadows and heavy eye makeup, I can use only one shade for a look and that is usually some peachy-nude shade with a little bit of shimmer in it. When I don't wear makeup, I put huuuuge sunglasses on, put on a hoodie and go out.

I don't drink a lot, not a fan of alcohol. I like white wine in moderation, as well as Blue Lagoon cocktail.

Almost forgot about music, I LOVE old schol rap and hip-hop, word "love" is not strong enough! Biggie is my favourite rapper. Except that, I like deep house and chill music.
When I do sleepovers and sleep in a bed that's not mine, no matter how comfortable it is, I get sore the next morning :D
I like to wakeup early (for me, the best time to wake up is 9 AM) and enjoy the entire day.
I'm very sociable, I get well with people. When they meet me for the first time they fall in love with my positive energy and laugh - I always try to motivate people and make them feel good about themselves and enjoy my company.
For me, the biggest virtue that one could have is to be yourself all the time, anytime, alone or with someone.

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Okay, that's it.... All I could remember in 20 minutes (that's the time I got now :D).
I'll post my article about affirmations and my first experience with Law of Attraction and how I was mind blown when I found out about some facts and principles, and started using them in my daily life :)

Love you all, thanks for reading! GIve me a support and heart this if you like it, stay tuned 'cuz I'm sure you can benefit from at least one of my next posts! :)

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