do you remember the lyrics of Lana Del Rey's young and beautiful?
The most would think of the film the great Gatsby know, right?

gatsby, the, and leonardodicaprio image
have to admit that they're really cute together

Well... I think it represents the struggle and doubt of every relationship.

"will you still love me
when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"

Sometimes we have some moments in our life when we doubt because we have a bad hair day, some pimples and just don't feel attractive anymore.

So we ask ourselves (and sometimes our boyfriends too) if we are still attractive enough to them.

girl, hairs, and hidden face image

But we shouldn't think so much about it because we are!
I mean they don't love us because of our flawless skin or perfect hairstyles or something like that! They love us because of our character.

"I know you will!"

It's pretty annoyingly for your man if you ask too much about your appearance to him. The most time they don't know the right answer.
Personly I learned to don't ask my man anymore about it and just start to be confident about the way I´m looking.
just remember: If even the most beautiful women aka Lana Del Ray sometimes have self-issues, than it couldn´t be so bad right?

have a nice day :-)