All we know that Monday is the first day of the week and it's the hardest day because we have to face another new week.
Work starts or school if you're a student. For this, i chose a simple outfit which is comfortable and it doest'n need to think a lot of hours in front of our wordrobe.

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clothes beauty autumn
A mom's jeans or a boyfriend jeans with a white T-shirt, a grey cardigan and white sneakers.

On Tuesday things getting better. We have find our rythm in work or school and we're in a better mood. So, i introduce you to create sporty outfit like these...

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adidas adidas adidas
Sport leggings with a sport t-shirt and trainers or white sneakers.


Another difficult day. This happens because Wednesday means the middle of the week. This day we're often bored and we can't wait for Friday and weekend. We can wear something that will make us feel happy and positive!

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aesthetic clothes Superthumb
A red casual blouse with blue jeans and white sneakers or all star by converse.

Is a good and indifferent with nothing special day.

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Superthumb beauty fashion
Black/blue trousers with a pattern shirt or not and loafers.

Our favorite day when our work starts. We have a a lot of free time. Because of our happiness, i found the greatest look for Friyay!

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kfashion black black
a liitle black dress with white sneakers,ankle boots or vans.

A day that we can hang out with our friends and have a walk with them. It's the best day of the week!

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autumn Superthumb bag
A brown leather skirt with a casual blouse in colour like back or white, ankle boots or white sneakers and a scarf for a chic look.

The final day of the week we usually having vacations in the village and we want something light and comfortable.

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Superthumb beach dress
An out off shoulder dress with your white sneakers and your favourite sunglasses!

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