Hey everybody out there,

Do you know that feeling, when you think nobody needs you, when everythings going wrong, and you're not in the mood to do anything ? I know that feeling way too good. So what I do in fall, my favourite time of the year, is enjoying it as much as I can. When it gets cold outside, I usually put on warm clothes, I play my favourite playlist and i just go outside for a walk. When I get back home, I take tons of pillows and place them on my bed, I turn off the lights and I put little lights or candles everywhere. Then I'm making my on kind of tea or cofee, I'll show you my favourite recipe in the end. Then I just put on some sweatpants and a hoodie, make it comfortable, get my hot drink to warm my hands up and I read a book or I go on social media.

Chai Latte:

- your favourite tea
- some milk
- cinnamon
- honey
- (optional: some choclate)

Make water boil, put it with the tea in a big bottle but leave place for the milk, leave the tea in for some minutes, take the tea out and add a teaspoon honey. Then you add a little cinnamon and some Milk (as much as you want to, I only take a little bit),
mix it well and there you go :)

I hope I could help anyone find ideas for a sunday afternoon, have a nice day

Love M <3