Autumn is the seasons for the lovers, the writters, the dreamers...
The season for adventures and wild hearts,
For hot drinks and good novels.

I won't pretend I'm good at writting, but I do love read and coffee
All of this in my heart rhyme with Autumn

The cracking leaves falling down the path
The fresh air filling up my lungs
The rain tapping against my windows

It gives me hope and strength
To believe in me and believe in the other

I feel better and complete warmed up by this cold evening.


I'm part of these autumn lovers and this season more than any others give me hope. It makes me feel good and the will to believe in my craziest dreams. It gives inspiration. I hope you enjoy this little poem. This is my first one and I'm pretty sure won't be the best, but the first of many more. Thank you for reading it. Love xx