Hey guys! I saw an article about this and got really interested. This is the first time I'm posting something I wrote, so if u like it, I'll keeping on posting. Anyway, here are my Top 10 favorite movies that in my opinion are magnificent!

Number 1: Stuck in Love (2012).

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Number 2: La La Land (2016).

la la land, emma stone, and ryan gosling image

Number 3: The Edge of Seventeen (2016).

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Number 4: Clueless (1995).

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Number 5: Personal Shopper (2016).

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Number 6: Adult World (2013).

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Number 7: Nerve (2016).

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Number 8: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012).

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Number 9: The First Time (2012).

the first time, dylan o'brien, and movie image

Number 10: The Duff (2015).

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Hope this article helped you :)

Have a nice day!