Imaginary love
Another work of art by Xavier Donal. Here he acts not only as a director, but also as an actor. And I can praise this film for a long time .. but, I will describe everything in general terms.
Here is my set of joyful exclamations! The cast is talent. The music is matched harmoniously, the theme itself and it itself is beautiful.
The most interesting thing is that the story is that dramatic, but I so often smirked, and even laughed. "Picture" is beautiful, changing locations. You know, it's not just one or two apartments. The film is not tightened, and not a short film. Full-fledged, individual and compulsory to view. In fuller to itself a real story THAT THE MOST UNUSUAL AS FOR MODERN CINEMA. that is, with you can happen the same thing. And you also will buy a guy a straw hat and quarrel with a friend!