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Oh my God! Agron and Nazir and their story is not like any I've seen before. I am so touched, amazed, excited and subdued by the talent of the actors and I'm grateful to the writers for having experienced love that was not meant for me I love historical novels. And I do not care if it really was, and / or how long this story is authentic. Agron is the right hand of Spartacus !Already his name speaks for itself, so I will not even write a historical introduction. Agron is the most brutal man, with broad shoulders, pumped legs, blue eyes and an infectious smile. He makes an impression, and throughout the series confirms the status of this man. With such as behind a stone, armed blade, a wall. And also, this powerful male power has a pure loving heart. With each series, you see how he reveals this part of his essence when he meets Nazir and until the very last series. Nazir is the most handsome Syrian I've ever seen. His long black hair, neatly gathered back - are beautiful, he has innocent eyes but he is strong both physically and spiritually. I will not describe their nature for a long time, but I do not want to write about the events of the series at all. Just here is my cry of my grateful soul.