Well, this is my first article, I'm not used to write things down but I wanna give it a try because I really like this challenge.

So, in day one I'll talk about myself.
My name is Diana, I'm 21 years old, I'm from Romania, curently living in Iași where I study Accounting. This is my last year of college.
English is my second language. I understand it very well but I'm not that good at writing :))) So sorry if I'm making some mistakes.
David Beckham and Tom Hardy are my all time favorite men crush. I don't have any preferate colours, but I hate yellow. I don't like people that don't do their job, and who don't understand the opinions of other people.
I love to read books, I recently finished The lord of the rings <3
My favourite seriar are Friends, Sex and the city, Orange is the new black, House of cards, Vikings and Suits.
I wanna finish my study and get a job, maybe move with my boyfriend and finally start traveling around the world.
I don't know what else I could say about myself so I'll end this here.