Day 11. Make a list of places you want to go.

Hello, where and whenever you are! Today's article will be about the places that I would like to go in the future, and why I would like to go there. I actually haven't been in that many different countries, but my friends still think that I'm very travelled. Maybe it's because I'm trying to learn all this languages at the same time. I just love to travel and to learn about a new culture, and well, a new language.


My aunt have just been in Bahamas to swim with dolphins, and when I saw the pictures... It's just a place that I must go. I totally felt in love with the color of the ocean, and I must explore the world underneath it.
I also have this childhood dream. When I was little, I loved to watch Strawberry Shortcake, and there was this episode where they were mermaids, and they found these sand dollars, and I would really like to find some of those.

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I've mentioned it before and I'm doing it again: I love tea! I have this fantasy about me sitting in an English tea shop, drinking some English breakfast, while I'm reading a book. I just like that thought.
And then I also really want to go sightseeing
in London.

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Paris (again)

I think Paris is a place where people return to. There really is something magical about this city.

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Have you ever watched 'eat, pray, love'? I really like the part of the movie that's set in Italy. The atmosphere, the people, the buildings, it's just something that I must explore.
And of course eat a pizza or two;)

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This is some of the places I wish to see someday, but there is many. I only picked a few to write about, because otherwise this article would be as long as a book:)

I hope you enjoyed this article.
See you soon!


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