One of my favorite seasons is here, you can feel it everywhere. The cozy days, the acustic music, the rainy days, the delicious sweet food and the horror movies are here and i could't be more happy. So here are some of my favorite movies to watch in this beautiful time of year.

1.Coraline and the secret door.

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This is my all time favorite movie, it have mistery and it's creepy too, its perfect to wach in this season.

2.Hocus Pocus.

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I don't have to give an explanation of this movie, this is a classic halloween movie that everyone should whatch, is very funny and i just love it.

3.Mickey's House of Villains.

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Maybe this is an unpopular halloween movie but is totally worth seeing it, shows so many mickey's classic's halloween cartoons, is very funny and it reminds me of my childhood. Love it.

4. Halloween

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Michael Myers shouldn't be out of this list. Besides it is totally a classic, is scary and really creepy aka perfect to watch in this season.

5.Corpse Bride.

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Thank you Tim Burton. This is just a must watch movie especially in this time of year, is like super sad/romanitc/creepy, i love it.

6.When a stranger calls.

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One of my favorite horror films ever. Just everything a good film needs.

7.Monster house.

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A very funny and creepy movie at the same time and everything is set in autumnal scenarios, which i love.

8.Dead silence.

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Okay, just to look at this gif i'm already scared, this is the most scariest movie ever, so if you yo want to watch it, do it with companie.

9.Freddy Krueger.

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It actually doesn't matter wich Freddy Krueger movie because all are good, but i recommend the first one (1984) because young Johnny Deep is in it, yaaaas, your welcome.

10. Recess: taking the fifth grade.

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This movie is perfect to get into the fall/halloween mood, although not all the movie is about it, i totally love it. If you haven't watched it, you should.

11. Friday the 13th.

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Most of the Jason's movies are good, they are a classic and if you love horror movies you will love them.

12. House of Wax.

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This is a really underrated movie. Is really scary and entertaining, perfect for a horror movie marathon.


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Again, Tim Burton, yes. This movie is just so cute and lovely but with the scary charm of Tim Burton's movies. I cry so much with this movie thanks to the puppy. Really you sohuld whatch it.

Well, thank you so much for reading my first article and i really hope you enjoyed it. Hope ya'll have fun this season, i love this page because i can share my love for this time of the year :), okay bye, thanks again <3

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