Hello Friends! Here are some daily things you could do to increase your intellectual ability.

  • Take Naps:

Taking naps during the day can refresh your mind and energy. The perfect time for a nap is between noon and 4pm, it will help you be more productive and alert throughout the rest of the day.

  • Read:

Reading is an active brain exercise and can also help you learn more things

  • Drink Green Tea While Working:

Green Tea can increase alpha brain waves and is way better than drinking coffee. It is relaxing and helps you focus without making you tired.

  • Exercise :

Your mind and body are strongly connected. Physical activity can help your brain function well. Simple exercises such as push ups, or just going for a walk, will work your brain just as well as going to the gym. It's also best to stretch every once in awhile.

  • Walk Through Nature:

Walking through nature is a healthy habit to pick up. There is more oxygen outside. The human mind calms down when surrounded by plants, and walking helps blood circulations.

  • Carry a Notepad:

Always have a notepad handy just in case an idea pops in your head. Writing things down can help you train you curiosity and logical thinking.

  • Plan Tomorrow:

Take 10 mins at the end of everyday to plan the next day. This way you can start tomorrow with a plan which allows you to work more productively.


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