Today the topic is music. And the first thing that comes into my mind when I think about music is my MP3 Player.
Yup, I own a MP3-Player. At the moment there are 570 songs.
"Why wouldn't you use your mobile phone for your music? You're so oldschool, everyone listens to music on their phones. Duhh."
The reason I chose my MP3 Player is the simple fact that I don't want to get distracted because I want to focus on the music. And I don't want to dependend on my phone or anything. Often music only works with internet but my MP3 Player totally works without it.

So here are a few favourites of my 570 songs:
-All I need is you by Lecrae
-Beautiful now
-Beyond me (Moodswing remix)
-Don't wake me up
-Girls will be girls
-I'm not famous
-Just a dream
-Knockin' by Freddie Stroma(?)
-Lights shine bright
-Ridin' solo
-Rude boy
-Shackles (Praise you)
-single ladies
-There for you
-Thousand years by Bars&Melody
-Turn this club around
-Wait on me
-Whip it