How can you understand a person is your soulmate?
Well, i just found mine. It’s a guy i’ve known for some time, but only now I've known the real him. Maybe, i dont know everything about him, but everything i know now let me admit that «He’s definitely one of few people to understand me». He’s btw one of the most handsome guys i’ve ever seen, but the most important thing is our connection, we literally spent for the first time the whole day together and yet still we finished each other sentences. Yeah, we all saw Frozen and you could tell me that finishing each others sentences doesn't mean a big thing, but i really feel a connection. Idk what will we become, but i’m sure i want him in my life. I’m pretty sure i have feelings for him, like romantic feeling, but does he too?
So what is a soulmate?
Is it someone that understands how hurt you are just by a look in your eyes? Or is it someone who makes you smile when you feel to die? Or is it both?
One i know for sure, it’s very rare to find your soulmate, so if you find one, be sure to not let him go…
And how to understand that this «guy» or «girl» is your soulmate?
Does your heart skips a beat or you feel butterflies in your stomach?
Is a soulmate every time a lover? Or could it be a friend? I guess it should be both.
You can talk about everything with your soulmate, you can show your deepest fears and your prettiest feelings. For example with this guy we spent 8 hours of talking, literally eight hours. We were just hanging outside, walking and chatting. About everything in the world. Those eight hours flied away and we didn't had enough, i swear if i wasn't supposed to go home we would have still talk for 8 more hours.
I don’t know where this story will lead, but please, if you’re reading this… Don’t ever leave me.