OK, so I'm travelling for the first time in my life! This will be the first time going on an plane and going anywhere else other than where I live.So while I was freaking out, getting myself excited, worried and scared, I decided to watch some YouTube videos to help me get ready for this amazing trip of a life time to Singapore. So to all those people who have never gotten on a plane, I hear you!!

Without further a do, here are my top favorite YouTube videos that are helping me get ready for this trip :)

1. Rydel Lynch.
Not only is she part of my favorite band, R5, she has her own YouTube channel. Due to touring around so much and travelling everywhere, Rydel decided to make a video called Vacation Packing Essentials. In this video she goes through what she does when she is packing to go travelling or touring. I found this video very helpful because she explains things so well and she gets that it is stressful when it comes time to pack for a vacation.She gives great advice and tips as well. Please check her out on YouTube and Please, Please, Please check out R5. They are amazing and so very talented. Also, a BIG hello to my fellow R5ers out there too :)

2. Superwoman (aka Lilly Singh)
Not only is this Canadian You Tuber hilarious and tells things as she sees things, she has been so very helpful. Superwoman has posted so many travelling videos that have both helped me in my packing for Singapore, but she has also made me realize that there are some weird people at the airport. Please check her out and tell me what you think of her. I'll bet you'll say that she is the most bad-ass person you know, and the coolest.

3. Ann Lee.
This cool person had made a video about some travelling hacks that will help you when it comes time to travel. I think that her video was very informative and I found her travel hacks to be amazing and I will definitely use them when I travel.

There you have it. These amazing people have given me an idea on how I'm going to pack and get ready for this trip. I hope that these You Tubers will help you and your travels.

Have Fun!!!
Wild Heart 16 :)