It's the second day of the 15 days writing challenge. Today I'm going to list things, that I'm grateful for. I won't list ''basic'' things like family and friends, just to make this a little bit more interesting. Shall we start?

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I'm grateful for...

♡ Education

Sometimes I find myself thinking ''I wish there was no school, just free time'', but deep down, I'm really grateful that we even have schools and a good education system. I haven't always got motivation to study, but it's important to understand how lucky we are here.

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♡ Support

I'm so grateful for people who have believed in me. They have encouraged me to do the things I really love and supported me through the hardest times.

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♡ Entertainment

Books, movies, TV shows, music... there are a lot of things in this category. I think entertainment has given us a good way to relax and forget our busy lives for a second.¨

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♡ The beauty of nature

Sunsets, forests, mountains, lakes - nature is beautiful in the way it is. I'm grateful to have a possibility to see such an amazing things.

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♡ Life

I'm grateful for being here, even though it's been tough sometimes. But remember: try to focus on making yourself happy, even if it's going to take a lot of time. Because I think that's what we all want from life.

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Final words

This wasn't the easiest one to make, but I realized what I'm really grateful for. And sometimes it's good to think about things like this. Tomorrow will be the third day of the challenge, which means we are going to talk about books.

Until tomorrow!

♡ erinlilian