1. Be an active fan account
If you tweet a lot about them and promote their stuff, they are most likely to follow and notice you. If it’s a singer or band, post about their music. If it’s a Youtuber, post about their most recent video.

2. Tweet a funny meme about them
People might like it and you could get retweets and likes, until your memes reach your fave.

3. Reply to their tweets and be witty
Turn their notifications on so you always see their tweets in real time and you could reply to them asap while they are still online. If you are witty enough, you might get a notice.

4. Post an artwork
They appreciate their fans’ artworks. They might retweet you and if they like it so much, some even use it as their profile pic.

5. Watch out for the “RT for a follow” tweet
This is where the ”post notifications on” also comes in handy. You don’t want to miss out when your faves do a follow spree.

6. Tweet when they are online
There are some people who don’t tweet but they are online. You can check it on the “likes” of your faves. If s/he recently liked a tweet, that’s when you know when s/he’s online.

7. Buy their merch and tweet them
Take a photo of your merch and share it to them. They usually notice those who really support them by buying their stuff.

8. “If this gets ___ RTs, will you follow me?”
Get as much RTs as you need until your faves notice you. It takes a lot of effort and some of them really do appreciate this.

9. You can be their street team/update account
Familiar with accounts like “Justin Bieber Updates, Arianda Grande Philippines, Taylor Swift Malaysia”? They are most likely to be followed by the artists since they post updates about them and they basically represent the fandom. It does take a lot of effort and time, though, but if you are really dedicated then it’s going to be worth it.

10. Direct Message
Some accounts give out DMs with celebrities. Watch out for these accounts. Through this, you can DM your fave even if s/he is not following you. Some of them check their DMs and there’s a bigger chance your message might be opened.

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