"what will you do for me?"
i’d watch the moon
shift into darkness
her silver curves, edged with shadows
shadows of lovers
much like me,
turn into a slice of nothing
a vague dream
leftovers of an aftertaste
fading musk and night flowers
the smell of earth
i could write about you all night
and then hide the hasty scrawls
my attempts at explaining
the raw divinity that you are,
id watch it all
i’d feel it all
from the reflection in your eyes
for watching the sun set in your golden irises is a delight
and so is watching you exist.

i’d throw my heart
off a cliff, into a void
and smash it into pieces
fragments that dully glint
then run downhill
only to retrieve the jagged pieces
and hand them to you
because i know my heart is too much
too cold at times
and it beats a little frantic
my breath hitches
my knees do fail me
and i’d rather have my body ache
then watch you struggling
to hold the fragile, pathetic thing
that my heart is
you won’t have to worry now.
i will try to give you the sky
tell you it is yours
try to compress
the vast heavens
into a blank canvas
i know it will be hard
because my heart cannot comprehend
the universe, not yet
for this world we live in
it’s got galaxies and constellations
dusted with stars that burn
as bright as my love,
and your eyes,
they are no different
but i will try
maybe it won’t be what i’d want you to see
but i will try
(certain things
are so beautiful
even the stars dull around them.)